CalConT an unique Calculators, Converters & Translator webapp.

You will get a unique calculators,converters here which are essential for all of us and that's why it can reduce your time.

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Calculator such as postfix,prefix which students used the most and BMI calculator with suggestor are also here.


Binary ,decimal ,infix & postfix converters which are essential for students and units converters are for general use.


Translators which helps us to know other languages are also here in which you can convert english language to other major language.

Some of the top viewed pages

Out of many tools, these three are most viewed ones.

Postfix Calculator

Postfix Calculator evaluates the postfix expression and calculates its value.

Infix to Postfix Converter.

Entered infix expression coverted quickly to postfix expression.

Prefix Calculator

Prefix Calculator evaluates the prefix expression and calculates its value.