Base64 to Image converter

Base64 Image Decoder ?

Base64 Image Decoder helps you to convert valid base64 string into image format.It can be jpg,png,gif according to entered base64 string.Here,you can do that and also you can see a small image preview and original image properties like width,height,size,etc. in below of image. You can also check our Image to Base64 converter.

Base64 to Image converter

Base64 Text:
Small Preview

(*this is just small preview ,downloaded image will have original resolution.)

preview image

Base64 to image converter in CalConT?

So,to use this tool in calcont ,
1.First you have to write or paste the valid image base64 string on textarea.
2.Then click on convert button,now your image will be generated and you can download it too.
3.Also an small preview of given base64 string generated and properties of original image will also be shown.

Use of tool?

If someone has send you a image in base64 format for security purpose you can convert that into actual image. And instead of using or including long base64 string in your html file you can directly include an path of your image by converting base64 string to image.