cgpa to percentage converter mu

What is cgpa?

cgpa is cumulative Grade Point Average which is an global educational grading system. It is used in schools/colleges to measure overall academic performance of a student. GPA ( Grade Point Average): It is also a grading average but, it is used to specify only for one term. And cgpa is an average of all term sgpa.

How to convert cgpa to percentage according to mu?

To convert cgpa to percentage mu has specified or given formula which is 7.1*cgpa+11 where cgpa is grading pointer that you have got.

Some examples of some cgpa's to percentage

# cgpa percentage
1 7.5 64.25
2 9.8 80.58
3 5.6 50.76
4 8.5 71.35

What is the use of such converters?

There are a lot application like,

1.Since everyone don't know the formula,these converter can be helpful.

2.Those who know the formula they can use these to get result instantly.

3.For all mu students formula remains same irrespective of branch,so it can be helpful for all of those.