GCD calculator

What is GCD?

GCD/greatest common divisor of two numbers,We calculate these by choosing greatest common divisor of two number In mathematics, the greatest common divisor (gcd) of two or more integers, which are not all zero, is the largest positive integer that divides each of the integers. For two integers x, y, the greatest common divisor of x and y is denoted gcd(x,y).

How to calculate GCD?

We can calculate these using EUCLEDAN approach.The Euclid's algorithm (or Euclidean Algorithm) is a method for efficiently finding the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two numbers. The Euclidean algorithm is one of the oldest algorithms in common use. The GCD of two integers X and Y is the largest integer that divides both of X and Y (without leaving a remainder). Greatest Common Divisor is, also, known as greatest common factor (gcf), highest common factor (hcf), greatest common measure (gcm) and highest common divisor.