Words Sorting

How can you use?

You just have to write the names one by one and add them by clicking add button , if you want an sorted sequence you can click on sort ,if you want to reset names or clear all data can click on reset button and to copy sequence just click on copy sorted sequence button.



So,what is sorting 🤔 ?Sorting is a techinque in which we arrange numbers in their ascending/descending order or we arrange letter in alphabetical order if we want to sort we check each numbers/alphabets with each other and according to that we arrange that.But in computer we have some algorithms for that which sort these in very efficient way and in less time.

sorting in web?

As every individual in this world don't do the coding.So,people like them who can't code for those there should be an software which sort the names in alphabetical order and can decrease their manual work.So,calcont has these software to sort the names which uses some basic sort function had written in JAVASCRIPT.

Where can we use this?

There are a lot application like,

1.School/colleges can use these software to arrange their students name in alphabetical order and according to that they can assign roll no/marks.

2.To keep customers names record in alphabetical order.

3.Helpful for those who has big data of names and want to create some document.