Language Identifier

Language Identifier?

Language Identifier is an text analyzer tool where it analyze your text and use Natural Language processing alogrithms to detect your text language that have entered.Sometimes it might happen that it will misidentify some words or will fail to detect all the words properly since it is not 100 percent accurate. On addition to that here,if you wish to translate this text into english you can do so.

Language-Identifier tool

Language Identifier in calcont?

Here in calcont you just have to enter you text and click on detect button then it will detect entered text language . After that convert to english button will be enabled and you can click on it to convert your text into english.

Use of this tool?

1. can convert unknown language text in english.(can avoid from scam emails and sms in unknow language)

2. Will be helpful while communicating or chatting with different people who spokes different languages

3. If your english is not that good then you can enter your own language text and convert that to proper english sentence.