Keywords Extractor

Keyword Extractor?

It is a tool which extracts or generate important words i.e keywords from text. It is an AI based tool which analyse the text and then process it to find best keywords.It uses concepts called NLP(natural language processing) to process the text , remove the stop words,punctuation and then tries out various possibilities to find optimal solution.

Keywords Extraction Tool

Keyword Extractor in CalConT?

So,to use keyword extractor in calcont ,
1.First you have to write or paste the text on textarea.
2.Press the extract button then the extracted words will be generated below the textarea.
3.Now,extracted keywords are arrange according to their priority & weightage.

Use of tool?

There are a lot application like,

1.As keyword is very essential part of SEO(search engine optimization) in which one has to find the best keyword which is suitable for their content in website.

2.It can be helpful for any school/college work to mark importanat words in their write up.

3.Sometimes marking down important points/words in presentations can be impressing in front of others.