Currency Converter

Convert indian rs to usd ,pound,euros,rand,yen..., usd to rs,pound,euros,rand,yen.. Pound to rs,usd,euros,rand,yen.. As,many of us dont know what currency rates are there around the world.But while travelling around the globe or importing/exporting materials from other countries,these type of software is in need from which we can convert currency rate from by just entering the amount or compare the currency strcuture. You can use the below converter to get idea about currencies around the globe.

*It is not perfect converter since values of these currencies changes daily.These is just to give approximate idea to users.

Indian Rupees to Usd

Convert indian rupees to all top currencies by just entering the Rs amount.As india is populated nation from which people from other country visited india are of huge amount.So,for all those these conversion will be helpful.


USD to Indian Rupees

Convert United dollars to all top currencies by just entering the $ amount.The United States dollar has the status of a reserve currency. This is because the central banks of most countries keep their foreign exchange assets in US securities. US being the largest and the most open economy, the bonds issued by the US government is seen as a safe asset in the event of a financial crisis. As a result most countries are willing to accept payments for their exports in dollars. Also cross-currency rates are determined as relative value of each currency toward US dollar,that's why US dollar always compared universally with other currencies.So,all the people should know the USD comparision for their countries,and that you can get from here.


Euro to Indian Rupees

Convert euros to all top currencies by just entering the € amount. Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia , Slovenia, and Spain who uses only these currencies.So,for those people these euro to... converter will be helpful.