material weight calculator

What is material weight calculator?

It is calculator which calculates the weight of material by just entering it's dimension values and chosen shape of material.It's actually helps you to find the weight of any amount of metal/material.

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How to calculate metal weight?

Even though our material weight calculator looks so complex but in behind the scenes it just work on one simple formula:
Sectional Area (mm2) x Length (m) x Density (g/cm3) x 1/1,000
As you can see the way this tool works is, in reality, quite simple. The tricky part might come with manually calculating the volume of some of the shapes, and in some cases the formulas tend to get complicated.


Let's suppose your team or any company planning to transport large metal elements. This will allow you to accurately estimate the cost of driving the elements to your desired destination, or if your vehicle can support the weight.
Like this there are plenty of scenarios where you know the dimensions of material but not it's weight.So in that case it can be helpful.
One advantage can be as it is tough to calculate and can consume more time to calculate it manually.So in such cases this type of calculators always will be helpful.