Base64 to text converter

base64 decoder?

The “Base64 to Text” converter is a simple decoder tool that allows you to convert online Base64 to text(that is, it decodes any basic ASCII string to texttual string).If you want to to encode the text to Base64 then you can use Text to Base64 encoder.

Base64 to Text decoder

base64 decoder in CalConT?

So,to use base64 decoder in calcont ,
1.First you have to write or paste the base64 string on textarea.
2.Press the decode button then the base64 string will be decoded to text in output textarea.
3.Now,you can check decoded text and also can copy that or if you wish to clear both text you can press clear button.

Use of tool?

There are a lot application like,

1.It can be used to decode text after receiving base64 format of some important information.

2.Use in Security or cryptography.

3.Uses in Computer networks.

4.Base64 is commonly used in a number of applications including email via MIME, and storing complex data in XML.