Image to text converter

Text extractor from Image?

Text extractor is a tool which analyzes and process the image and extract the text from it. Any type of image such as jpg,png,jpeg..etc. it can extract.It tries out to extract all possible text from image but due to some different font style or unknown characters, it can omit some words from image.
You can also try text to image converter.

Image to text converter tool




Image to text converter in CalConT?

So,to use this tool in calcont ,
1.You can click on upload button or can drag and drop image in above field and other option is you can just enter the url of online image
2.Press the convert button and wait for some seconds.
3.Now,you can see the expected text in output textarea or if their is some error it'll also notifies you below in output field.

Use of tool?

There are a lot application like,

1.There are many such situation where we need to make some document and text to be written on it is on image.So,instead of writing all of those text we can use this tool

2.Can be used by students,employes,like almost everyone can use it.

3.Can be used in image editing.

3.If you don't want to save image from online then you can just enter it's url.

4.To extract famous quotes,poetry and many more text which is on image.